malpractice insurance for counselors

While good therapists endeavor to protect their clients and avoid lapses in judgment, therapists are human beings who can and will make mistakes. The state in which you practice. Liability in patient suicide. Insuring more than 75,000 counselors HPSO is the largest provider of malpractice insurance in the country. First Aid Expenses – up to $10,000 per incident, up to $10,000 annual aggregate. The policy pays to defend you against allegations of sexual miscounduct, up to the applicable limit of liability, for amounts you are legally obligated to pay as a result of covered claims involving acts of sexual misconduct related to professional services. Some examples of behavior that might give rise to a malpractice lawsuit include: The overwhelming majority of therapists would never deliberately harm a client, such as by having sex with them. ACA partnered with HPSO in 2003 to provide comprehensive, affordable malpractice insurance coverage to its members. Novotney, A. As long as it is through the course of practice, it is intended to protect us financially and professionally if we are sued. A general professional liability policy may cover injuries you or a client sustain at your practice, including medical bills, lawsuits, replacing property, and other expenses. Malpractice lawsuits against counselors can cost an average of $46,921 (Understanding Counselor Liability Risk Claims report, 2014) and can take years to defend. Therapists face numerous ethical conundrums each day—when to warn a third party of a potential threat, what level of suspicion warrants a report to child protective services, and how to manage clients at risk of suicide. Professional Liability insurance for counselors, also sometimes called Malpractice insurance, is a must if you work in the industry. Sexual Misconduct/Abuse – up to $25,000 annual aggregate- sub-limit of Professional Liability limit. It is then up to the courts to sort it out. (Not available in Texas). Five ways to avoid malpractice. Every policy is different, but in general you will get: The benefits of malpractice insurance include: Professional liability insurance is insurance that protects against lawsuits by providing you with a lawyer and funding the costs of the suit. The American Psychological Association (APA) reports that about 2% of psychologists will face a malpractice suit at some point. Malpractice-only policies are slightly less. The following is a de-identified composite of calls made to the ACA Risk Management Helpline, ... © document.write((new Date).getFullYear()) Affinity Insurance Services ™. Home Terms of Service Privacy Policy Sitemap Subscribe to The GoodTherapy Blog. Do you have all the coverage that you need for your non-medical activities? Violence in the workplace is a tragic reality. It usually does not cover general liability insurance unless we purchase it separately. Many of these challenges also present legal hurdles. As a board certified counselor, a vital component of your success is protecting your most valuable professional assets: your reputation and your financial security. Covers you, up to the applicable limits of liability, for covered claims arising from allegations of slander, libel, assault and battery, and other alleged personal injuries arising through the performance of your professional services. All rights reserved. Most are aware of the protection they receive under the HIPAA laws. Malpractice Insurance: A type of professional liability insurance purchased by health care professionals (and sometimes by other types of professionals, such as lawyers). It also covers HIPAA fines and penalties that you become legally obligated to pay as a result of a covered proceeding. Having sex with a client, even if the sex is consensual. Laurel Road Nurse Student Loan Refinancing, Professional Liability and Commercial Insurance, Understanding Counselor Liability Risk Claims report, 2014. (2009). The insurer’s assessment of how high-risk your practice is. At ELM PL, we understand that no single profession is immune to the possibility of a lawsuit claiming damage or harm due to a negligent act, error or omission arising from the performance of an individual’s professional work. You can help safeguard your financial well-being with malpractice insurance through HPSO. The limit is $1 million per occurrence/aggregate and pays after the school coverage has paid. Click here​ to learn more. This coverage reimburses you for co​sts to notify patients of a breach of confidential personal information in compliance with privacy protection laws. (n.d.). Therapist Insurance also known as therapist professional liability insurance and errors and omissions insurance for therapists is an insurance coverage that provides financial protection to professionals in the event they cause damages, losses, or bodily injury to clients or third parties as a result of their negligence, errors, or mistakes. James Holmes’ psychiatrist just got sued for not having him locked up. Questions? Your policy pays up to the applicable limit for unintentional damage you cause to someone else's property while at your personal residence or your workplace. Even if the lawsuit is completely frivolous, it takes time, money, and legal expertise to get it dismissed. Distraction, stress, and other factors may cause a therapist to make the wrong call. When, for example, is the exact moment discussion of suicide becomes a credible threat? If you are a student, you can obtain liability insurance for only $18 annually. The cost of malpractice insurance depends on several factors, including: For a general liability policy that includes malpractice insurance and that has a $1 million claim limit, therapists can expect to pay between $350 to $1,750 in annual premiums. Copyright © 2007 - 2020 GoodTherapy, LLC. While many jobs are declining in todays technology-centered society, the need for mental health counselors continues to grow each year. You are not named in the lawsuit, but you receive a subpoena for testimony during the policy period. In these litigious times, counselors / psychotherapists are encouraged to carry professional liability insurance (or malpractice insurance) to safeguard from a claim or lawsuit as well. For example, a therapist who treats people with a history of violence or who works with large numbers of people who engage in self-harm is more likely to make decisions that directly affect the safety of clients and the general public. Cannot be combined with other discounts in the first year. This benefit provides reimbursement for expenses you incur while rendering first aid to another person. That’s a lot of time and money. Higher policy limits and lower deductibles typically mean higher premiums. Professional liability insurance. Professional Liability; Counselors; Nurse/Nurse Practitioner ; Occupational Therapists ; Pharmacists; Physical Therapists ; Physician Assistants ; Physicians and Surgeons; Clinical Social Workers; ... Answer a few questions to get a quote and apply for a new professional liability insurance policy. ACA membership provides students with complimentary professional liability insurance through HPSO. Malpractice insurance for psychologists is essentially a type of professional liability insurance that protects you against claims of poor care or neglect. A therapist who fails to meet the standard of care may be legally liable for that failure if the client suffers specific harm. As a counselor, you may need coverage that goes beyond employer-provided coverage, not only from the risk of a judgment against you, but also the cost of defending a frivolous lawsuit. Retrieved from, Understanding counselor liability risk [PDF]. If you treat high-risk clients, your premiums may be higher. If you become the victim of a violent action at work or on your way to or from work, this coverage will reimburse you for your medical expenses or damage to your property up to the applicable limit. Perhaps the best way to prevent these devastating claims is to heighten your awareness. So even if you make the right decision, you could face a lawsuit if a client gets hurt. Then review several policies to compare price, coverage limits, deductibles, and other factors so you know exactly what you’re getting. Professional Liability for Counselors is intended to cover not only legal fees, but lost wages as well. That’s a lot of time and money. Slip and fall is a common claim under CGL, and most landlords will require you to carry this type of insurance to lease office space. With your own individual coverage, you’ll have your own defense attorney designated by the insurer to represent you in court, when necessary. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Malpractice insurance protects you and your business if you are sued. (2014, April 23). The real challenge is often determining what type of coverage you need. As a counselor, coverage through HPSO provides you with the following benefits: * Professional Liability Coverage ; Covers you, up to $1 million each claim, for amounts that you become legally obligated to pay as a result of a professional liability claim arising out of a covered … We … A policy through HPSO will reimburse you up to the applicable limit for your defense of disciplinary charges and other covered expenses arising out of a covered incident. We are committed to the advancement of the counseling profession, and through our partnership with Lockton Affinity, LLC, we provide access to excellent coverage for current and future National Certified Counselors. (2016). Therapist malpractice insurance is one type of professional liability insurance, but it is not the only type. Assault Coverage – up to $25,000 per incident, up to $25,000 annual aggregate. Signing up is easy and usually just requires filling out a form and providing some information about your practice. In 2014, the average mental health malpractice lawsuit cost $46,921. The coverage provided with the ASCA membership includes coverage for tele-counseling as long it's part of your school activities. Retrieved from Get a Quote & Apply. A dismissed lawsuit can cost you between $2,000 and $5,000 (or more) in legal defense fees alone. The claim was covered by the HPSO Professional Liability Insurance Program, which paid an attorney to defend the counselor, who succeeded in having the case dismissed. (2014). complains about you to a state licensing board, you could face the challenge of defending your practice and license—and thousands of dollars in legal fees. Below is a list of the most common mental health counseling insurance policies available:. Legal fees will be paid for covered claims, in addition to your liability limits - WIN OR LOSE. To gain access to our myriad resources, become a member today! What puts a psychiatrist at risk for a malpractice lawsuit? If a client, their spouse, or parent/guardian files a complaint or lawsuit, malpractice insurance for counselors / psychotherapists provides unlimited defense coverage and state licensing board defense coverage to protect your … This policy provides liability coverage related to: Poor advice or guidance People today are very conscious of their privacy. Damage to Property of Others – up to $10,000 annual aggregate. Counselor liability insurance covers our professional work. Forty percent must answer state licensing board complaints. Malpractice coverage offers extensive protection if you are sued. Healthcare Providers Service Organization. Some states have more favorable legal climates than others. You can be sued for any professional decision that harms a client. Your coverage through HPSO will pay for attorney’s fees of an attorney designated by the insurer as a result of your required appearance at a deposition that arises out of professional services, Personal Liability Coverage – up to $1 million annual aggregate. The premium for self-employed or part-time providers start at $115/year and increases according to specialty and caseload. In addition, a professional liability insurance policy through HPSO is portable, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Covers you for legal liability for covered claims resulting from incidents at your residence, unrelated to your work. Information Privacy Coverage (HIPAA) – up to $25,000 per incident, up to $25,000 annual aggregate​. Whether or not you have been sued or faced a licensing board complaint before. The amount of coverage you seek. Not all is doom and gloom though. Individual ACA professionals with a premium of $100 or more are eligible for a 10% ACA membership discount*. It is a type of professional liability insurance, but it may not cover all lawsuits. For example, these expenses may include supplies from your personal first aid kit that you used to help a victim of an automobile accident. The legal climate in some states is more favorable to malpractice claims than in others. Our carrier, CNA, has won 90% of cases that go to trial. You can help safeguard your financial well-being with malpractice insurance through HPSO. Grant, J. E. (2004). A malpractice claim doesn’t have to hold water to be a financial burden on your small counseling practice. The policy can cover mental health counselors, vocational counselors, social workers, therapists, and life counselors. Get a Professional Liability Insurance Quote. If you run a high-risk practice, these higher premiums may be worth it. Learn More. For a general liability policy that includes malpractice insurance and that has a $1 million claim limit, therapists can expect to pay between $350 to $1,750 in annual premiums. Wagner, D. (2013, January 15). When you graduate, HPSO helps keep your insurance costs down by offering three important discounts on your individual professional liability insurance coverage: *New Graduate Discount applies in qualifying states to individual policies. Pays for reimbursement of medical expenses to others injured at your residence or business premises up to the applicable limit. Check out our FAQs for counselors. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, counseling is a promising career choice with a positive outlook for the future. For Mental Health Professionals - The Practice Resource Section of GoodTherapy, Practice Management Software for Therapists, Rules and Ethics of Online Therapy for Therapists, How to Send Appointment Reminders that Work, The Ethics of Therapy with Potentially Dangerous People, Ethics Check: Realigning with the Values of the Healer’s Heart. Spend some time researching the specific types of issues you treat so you have a keen understanding of your level of exposure and the types of lawsuits you might face. Professional liability insurance, also called malpractice insurance, can provide the protection your therapy or counseling practice needs to continue offering its services while resolving a legal matter.

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