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In Malaysia, the right to polygamy is based on Islam, which conditionally allows a Muslim man to marry up to four wives. Introduction The population of Malaysia in the year 2009 was estimated at 28,306.7 million people. 2.0 History of Family Law in Malaysia 6 2.1 Sources of Islamic law 8 2.2 History of polygamy 9 2.3 The relationship between Islam and polygamy 12 2.4 The Battle of Uhud and Polygamy 13 2.5 Relevant Hadith about polygamy 15 2.6 Various views by jurists about polygamy 16 2.7 Debate on control of polygamy by State 21 2.8 Polygamy and justice 22 Johor 1984-90 1.9 Kedah 1987-90 1.3 Kelantan 1984-91 3.9 Melaka 1985-90 1.4 Negeri Sembilan 1989-90 0.6 Penang 1984-90 1.1 Perak 1989-91 0.9 and analysed to identify the objective and wisdom behind the permissibility of polygamy. However, only nearly one-third of … Key words:polygamy, positive role, women socio-related problems 1.0. KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 15 — Seven in 10 Muslim women here agree that polygamy is a right accorded to Muslim men, a survey by rights group Sisters in Islam (SIS) on Muslim women’s realities in Malaysia published today found. In fact, LGBT is a punishable crime not only under Islamic law but also under the penal laws of Nigeria and Malaysia. Polygamy in Malaysia and Muslim Feminism Currently, Malaysia's Islamic Family Law allows Muslim men to practise polygyny , a form of polygamy where one man has multiple wives. This is important as marriage is considered to be the joining of two families in Malaysia, not only the couple in question. Islam permits polygamy to preserve women’s dignity and to safeguard the social, moral and economic well-being of wives and their children. W.J.T Mitchell’s ‘picture theory’ (1994) or ‘visual culture’ in a broader term has made a significant contribution to the patriarchal system of the society in normalizing polygamy in Malaysia. The findings showed that the current legal provisions on polygamy in Malaysia are insufficient in curbing the abuse of polygamy. Unfortunately, a number of polygamous marriages among Muslims in Malaysia registered at the local ‘Shariah Courts’ are problematic and “misleading” as they do not reflect the teachings of Islam and its Sharīʿah intents on polygamy. These images are thrusting polygamy into popular culture in Malaysia so much so that the number of second and third wives is increasingly growing. However, the whole family is usually consulted prior to all marriages. Any attempt from any quarter to endorse or legalise LGBT is a heinous and punishable act Some rural Malays may still practise polygamy, with a man having multiple wives. Out of the figure, 13,899.4 million are women, which represent 49% of the whole population. This is not common in the cities or among the well educated. It is in this light that this paper aims to discuss the concept of polygamy and its implementation whilst focusing on the e ectiveness of certain pro-visions relating to polygamy as provided under Islamic Family Law in Malaysia. I use the term polygamy, however, as this is used in daily conversation and legal texts in Malaysia. Malaysia. Jadual 1: Semenanjung Malaysia: Perkahwinan Poligami berdasarkan Kadar Perkahwinan 1984-1991. Fatah, Raudhotul and Jani (2014) examined the efficiency of the legal provisions on polygamy in Malaysia. 206 p. ; 24 cm Includes bibliographical references (p. 187-199) and indexes Forms of polygamy -- Foundations of polygamy -- Theories of polygamy -- Muslim polygyny in Malaysia -- Christian polygamy in the USA -- Hindu polyandry in India -- Polygamy and gender -- Polygamy and modernity -- Polygamy in contemporary societies He highlighted the complexities of polygamy laws throughout the historical periods. including Malaysia and Nigeria are totally against LGBT because it is contrary to the Islamic principles, culture, and tradition. Elite Malay Polygamy: Wives, Wealth and Woes in Malaysia Miriam Koktvedgaard Zeitzen Elite Malay women’s polygamy narratives are multiple and varied, and their sentiments regarding the practice are conflicted, as they are often torn between personal and religious convictions. polygamy has been largely perceived by many as a practice which fails to protect the rights of women.

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