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Human behavior is a complex topic that some psychologists have tackled by organizing into comprehensive lists of personality types. Cruelty to Animals - Acts of Cruelty to Animals have been statistically discovered to occur more often in people who suffer from personality disorders than in the general population. Relationship Hyper Vigilance - Maintaining an unhealthy level of interest in the behaviors, comments, thoughts and interests of others. Holiday Triggers - Mood Swings in Personality-Disordered individuals are often triggered or amplified by emotional events such as family holidays, significant anniversaries and events which trigger emotional memories. Passive-Aggressive Behavior - Expressing negative feelings in an unassertive, passive way. Chaos Manufacture - Unnecessarily creating or maintaining an environment of risk, destruction, confusion or mess. Harassment - Any sustained or chronic pattern of unwelcome behavior by one individual towards another. Psychology is actually study with regards to the mind, taking place partly through the study of behavior. Physical Abuse - Any form of voluntary behavior by one individual which inflicts pain, disease or discomfort on another, or deprives them of necessary health, nutrition and comfort. Alienation - The act of cutting off or interfering with an individual's relationships with others. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Human behavior: Subcategories. Impulsiveness - The tendency to act or speak based on current feelings rather than logical reasoning. During the adolescent years, humans show an increase in behaviors … Types of Behaviors in Psychology. All Rights Reserved. They are commonly used but rarely true. The traits differ from one individual to another and can generate different behavior or actions from every person. Sometimes the lies are little white lies and done for … Nobody knows for sure why humans lie so much, but studies find that it's common, and that … Pathological Lying - Persistent deception by an individual to serve their own interests and needs with little or no regard to the needs and concerns of others. Neglect - A passive form of abuse in which the physical or emotional needs of a dependent are disregarded or ignored by the person responsible for them. This category has the following 45 subcategories, out of 45 total. Mirroring - Imitating or copying another person's characteristics, behaviors or traits. What does human behavior mean? In essence, normalizing is the manipulation of another human being to get them to agree to, or accept something that is in conflict with the law, social norms or their own basic code of behavior. High and Low-Functioning - A High-Functioning Personality-Disordered Individual is one who is able to conceal their dysfunctional behavior in certain public settings and maintain a positive public or professional profile while exposing their negative traits to family members behind closed doors. The Art of Learning: An Inner Journey To Optimal Performance by Josh Waitzkin. Favoritism and Scapegoating - Systematically giving a dysfunctional amount of preferential positive or negative treatment to one individual among a family group of peers. No-Win Scenarios - When you are manipulated into choosing between two bad options. Being … Original theoretical works, research reports, literature reviews, software reviews, book reviews and announcements are published. A pathological liar is a person who habitually lies to serve their own needs. Parental Alienation Syndrome - When a separated parent convinces their child that the other parent is bad, evil or worthless. The list below contains descriptions of some of the more common traits of people who suffer from personality disorders, as observed by family members and partners. Dependency - An inappropriate and chronic reliance by an adult individual on another individual for their health, subsistence, decision making or personal and emotional well-being. Please note: these descriptions are not intended for diagnosis. Silent Treatment - A passive-aggressive form of emotional abuse in which displeasure, disapproval and contempt is exhibited through nonverbal gestures while maintaining verbal silence. Situational Ethics - A philosophy which promotes the idea that, when dealing with a crisis, the end justifies the means and that a rigid interpretation of rules and laws can be set aside if a greater good or lesser evil is served by doing so. 2. Engulfment - An unhealthy and overwhelming level of attention and dependency on another person, which comes from imagining or believing one exists only within the context of that relationship. Human Behavior And Self-Control. Frivolous Litigation - The use of unmerited legal proceedings to hurt, harass or gain an economic advantage over an individual or organization. Hysteria - An inappropriate over-reaction to bad news or disappointments, which diverts attention away from the real problem and towards the person who is having the reaction. Bullying - Any systematic action of hurting a person from a position of relative physical, social, economic or emotional strength. Sexual Objectification - Viewing another individual in terms of their sexual usefulness or attractiveness rather than pursuing or engaging in a quality interpersonal relationship with them.

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