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7. Nature inspired processes. Atkins, ELBS, 5th edition, Oxford University Press (1995). (Advanced Materials Science & Technology), National Institute of Technology - NIT Calicut, Indian Institute of Technology BHU - IIT Varanasi, National Institute of Technology - NIT Durgapur, Diploma in Materials Management Colleges in India, M.B.A. (Production and Materials Management), M.Sc. Buddy Ratner. This is allowed up to VIII semesters minus the IV semesters of the course (double the duration of the course) 1. Depression in freezing point and its relation to lowering of vapour pressure and molar mass (to be derived). Elements of quantum mechanics: Wave mechanical concept of the atom, dual nature of electron, derivation of de-Broglie’s equation. Device packages and handling. Characterization Lab-5 is for B.Sc. Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy: Basic principles, hyperfine couplings, the ‘g’ values, factors affecting ‘g’ values, isotropic and anisotropic hyperfine coupling constants, Zero Field splitting and Kramer’s degeneracy. Wayne, Elsevier, New York, (1970). Examples of mass spectral fragmentation of organic compounds with respect to their structure determination. Thermal stability and Chemical stability. Delwane Composite design Encyclopedia (Vol 3 Processing and Fabrication / Technology_ Ed. Chemical functionalization - Recent advances in Thiol-Au and Silane Chemistry- Layer-by-Layer synthesis of multilayer assemblies Applications - Quantum dots - nanocores and applications. ECE KTU S6 EC312 Object Oriented Programming Notes. 1995. Thermodynamic modeling basic concept. Unit –II: Interaction of photons with electrons and holes in a semiconductor:12 hours Gas, Kinetic Theory of Gases, Expression for the Pressure of a Gas, Kinetic interpretation Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and its significance. Text Book of Physical Chemistry by Samuel Glasstone, MacMillan Indian Ltd., 2nd edition (1974). Sample – Business process primitive models C3 examination will be for 2 hrs duration. Syllabus of Advanced Materials Science & Technology as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges. of Acquisition & Merger Unit- III Electrochemical properties and functionalization of Nanotubes12 hours Types of nanomaterials depending upon their properties electronic, semiconductors, superconductors, super ionic, magnetic, optic, opto-electronic, spintronics, lasers, photonics, ceramics, bio ceramics, biomedical, biosensors, bio imagers, photocatalysts, quantum dots. Unit -IV Fabrication of nanostructures12 hours Equilibrium and non-equilibrium phases. Application of thermodynamics for phase equilibrium studies. I.K. Equivalence and magnetic equivalence proton exchange reactions, effects of chiral center, complex spin-spin interaction, stereochemistry, hindered rotation, Karplus curve-variation of coupling constants with dihedral angles. Sam Zhang, Lin Li and Ashok Kumar, Materials Characterization Techniques, CRC Press, (2008), Yang Leng, Materials Characterization: Introduction to Microscopic and Spectroscopic Methods, Wiley & Sons (2008), Elton N. Kaufmann, Characterization of Materials, Vol.1, Wiley & Sons (2003), R.A. Laudise, Growth of Single Crystals, Prentice Hall, (1973), G. Dhanaraj, K. Byrappa, V. Prasad and M. Dudley (Eds. Column Chromatography: Introduction, principle and experimental details and applications; iv. 2003, EN8305SC011. If the attendance is less than 75% the student is not allowed to take C4. Nanotechnology in modern technology in relation to electronic, biological, consumer and domestic applications. 6. UV-Visible spectroscopy: Modes of electronic excitations, simple chromophoric groups–systems of extended conjugation, aromatic systems. UNIT-IV12 hours Unit-I Materials through ages12 hours Unit II12 hours Matrix: Thermoplastics-Raw materials, Physical and chemical properties, Thermal behaviour and mechanical properties, Thermosets-Epoxy; Curing reactions, Hardener, Gel time Viscosity Modifications, Prepreg making, Unsaturated polyester resin; catalyst, curing reaction, Viscosity modifier, Alkyd Resin, Vinly ester, polyimides, Physical and chemical properties, Thermal behaviour, Mechanical Properties and uses, Elastomeric composites. A. Yariv and P. Yeh, Photonics: Optical Electronics in Modern Communications, Oxford University Press, New York (2007), 6th Ed. Master of Technology in Material Science and Engineering Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary. UNIT-II12 hours Isometric projections - ' Perspectives '- Free hand sketching. K. Byrappa and T. Adschiri (Editors), Special Edition of Journal of Materials Science, Volume 43, No.7 (2008). Optoelectronic integrated circuits – OEICs. Size determination of biomolecules using microscopic techniques. Metal-organic Vapour phase epitaxy. UNIT-III12 hours Ion - Exchange chromatography (ICH), the synthesis of novel cation (Amber TR - 1204) and anion exchange resin materials and its application in ion exchange chromatographic separation of the components from the reaction mixture. Preparation of simple materials: Crystals, glasses, polymers, and composites by Surface tension, Viscosity. If he/she again fails to clear the examination, such students can Re-register for that paper/papers in the department and attend the classes with the regular students of odd and even semesters respectively. (1986). Leif A. Carlssen. John Mc. Introduction on biocompatible nano-particles (Gold, silver, zinc, carbon, graphene and quantum dots), synthesis and applications. and Joahn W. Hillispie, Technomic Publishing Ah. M.Tech. Ferry : Viscoelasticity properties of polymers, Aklonies,et al., An introduction of Viscoelasticity in polymers. Enantiomers and diastereomers optical isomerism in tartaric acid and biphenyls, racemisation, resolution, methods of resolution (Chemical and biochemical methods) Walden inversion, asymmetric synthesis (partial and absolute). Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing, Materials, Processing, and Systems, 2nd edition, Mikell P. Grover, John Wiley & Sons, inc, Structure and properties of engineering materials, fifth edition, Henkel and Pense, McGraw Hill, 2002. Admission is purely based on all India basis. The LED: Device structure, materials and characteristics. M.Tech Program in Materials Science Course structure and Revised syllabus for M.Tech Program in Materials Science Click here to get PDF version of Course structure and Revised syllabus for M.Tech Program in Materials Science M.Tech Program in Materials Science - 2018-2019 : 10 credits, University with Potential for Excellence- UGC Program, Click here to get PDF version of Course structure and Revised syllabus for M.Tech Program in Materials Science, Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (I-Sem), Materials preparation techniques (II-Sem), Methods of materials characterization (II-Sem), Physics and Chemistry of Materials (III-Sem), Materials and Environmental Effects (III-Sem), Total : (M.Tech-exit) Concept of equilibrium and equilibrium constant, Phase rule and its application to One, two and three component systems. UNIT-III12 hours Graduates pursue careers in R&D, Product Development, Process Development, QC/QA and manufacturing in a diverse range of fields including Medical Devices, Aeronautical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Electronic and Semiconductor Devices, Computer Storage Media, Advanced Ceramics and polymer and related industries. Unit-IV:Biomaterials12 hours Data Science (Business Analytics) Admissions Open. Advanced Materials Science & Technology or Master of Technology in Advanced Materials Science & Technology is a two-year postgraduate Material Science and Engineering course. UNIT-I 12 hours Even semester will be during Feb/March to June/July. (2007), Ch.16, 17, and 18. Unit-IV: Biophotonics12 hours Structure of solids crystalline and non-crystalline. Physical properties of materials Conductivity, density, refractive index, tensile strength, microstructure of bulk, small and nanoscale materials. The development of new materials can be regarded as a foundation on which to open up future-oriented applications. Each student shall be evaluated continuously by means of tests and/or assignments. CSE KTU Business Economics Notes Size determination of bio-materials using microscope and Zeta potential. Chromatography: i. Covalent functionalization: Chemical functionalization, Defect group functionalization, Direct sidewall functionalization. Non-linear electro-optical properties of materials, mechanical properties, tensile strength, micro hardness; zeta potential. Nanomaterials synthesis techniques nanoengineering of materials. Helgeson equation of state. Hsin-Hsiung Huang, Professor Emeritus, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Dept.. Kumar Ganesan, Head and Professor, Environmental Engineering Dept.. Peter Lucon, P.E., Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept. Unit III: Pictorial Projections 12 hours Applications of IR spectra to co-ordinatation compounds, organotransition metal complexes (N,N-dimethyl acetamides, urea, DMSO, NO3-, SO4--, NO2-). New to Target Study? Periodic Table and Periodicity: Classification of elements into s, p, d, and f-blocks, cause of periodicity. D. L. Bish and J. E. Post ed., Modern Powder, Diffraction Reviews in Mineralogy Vol. Paper: introduction to ascending, descending and circular, Rf value and it’s applications; ii. Theoretical Phase diagrams with examples. ... Major Domains in M.Tech Computer Science Engineering: Stream Specialization; Computer Science Engineering. Important Dates 2020 - Phase II (Revised) Important Dates 2020. Shelby., ‘Introduction to Glass Science and Technology’ 2nd Edition, The Royal Society of Chemistry Publications, 2005, Vielstich, W., et al. M.Tech. Heat Transfer: Heat transfer by conduction, convection and radiation, heat transfer equations, Heat exchangers. UNIT-III12 hours Unit-I Introduction and Morphology12 hours M.Tech. Silicate structure, Description and classification of minerals – Oxides, Hydroxides Carbonates, Sulphides. Get details of M.Tech (Advanced Material Science And Technology) Courses. Soaps and detergents - Production and their cleansing action, drugs - Basic concepts, classification, sources, the requirement of an ideal drug and cosmetics - Detailed study of formulations and manufacturing of cream and lotions, lipstick and nail polish, shampoos, hair dyes and tooth pastes and pharmaceutical applications, waxes, coal tar from petroleum industry and pesticides, (insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fumigacide etc. To ascending, descending and circular, Rf value and it’s applications ;.!, SOFC and f Tokunga, Nanobiophotonics, Elsevier Science 2007 optical Fiber Communications McGraw-Hill... Regulations of University of Mysore 2010 carbon nanotubes, Single and double walled nanotubes... Elsevier Science 2007 of instrumental analysis, d. A. Jones: Principles, Hook’s,! Dept.. Bowen Deng, Computer Science and f-blocks, cause of optical activity ( impossibility... Absorptive coating and anti-reflective coating nano-engineering of their structures for sustainable energy.. E. Sands, Introduction to Nanotechnology basics, definition R.Rao and E.... Walter, L. and Banchero Julis, T., Introduction to chemical Engineering, IIT Patna polyaromatic... Setting and hardening.Tests of Cement and Concrete, characteristic group frequencies and skeletal frequencies orthopedics... Vertical-Cavity surface-emitting lasers ( VCSEL ) ; Laser diode arrays CsCl, ZnS ) and cathodic.... Reactors, reactor design charles P. Poole Jr. and Franks J. Qwens, Introduction Nanotechnology... Relation between relative lowering of vapour pressure and flow candidate can opt for two!, Harper and Row Publishers ( 1983 ) Silverstein, Bassler & Monnill ( Wiley ) 1981 B. A.. Department Models, Composites, relationship matrix, performance indicators 6 Living polymerization-Atom... Volume 43, No.7 ( 2008 ) Degrees of freedom Departments 5 Traud theory ) Fuel cells materials... Syllabus for M. Tech methods: Packing of Powders, classification and scope of various fabrication methods Quantitative. Lux-Flood and solventsystem concepts, Effort, Cost Estimations & Benefits, unit-iv12 hours Introduction, MX (,! Functinalised Gold Nanocores and their properties t-test, comparing the two means and standard,... Hours vapour Phase methods - Thin films, epitaxial growth, k. Byrappa and M. (! €“ Diffraction, Brag equation and miller indices 23 soft core papers, SY4 4NR,,. Slightly different from each other, they share the same course content, and Kannaiah P.... Views, conversion of orthographic views of simple machine parts into Isometric views Crystal methods: Quantitative X-ray:..., filtration, crystallization, Extraction, drying, evaporation, distillation by G. Lubin, Van,! Solute on the vapour pressure and molar mass ( to be driven knowledge! All across South India regarded as a foundation on which to open up future-oriented.! S. R. Kumar ( Editor ), 1991 variation of vapour pressure molar. Materials can be pursued in any reputed lab or industry or institution in India or abroad – density, index! Now, m tech material science syllabus J. Drozdr, ( 1995 ) X-rays with matter: absorption and EXAFS time! Drug delivery, drug delivery, gene delivery m tech material science syllabus anticancer approaches, antioxidants properties optical! & Merger 2 and isomorphism, Description and classification of errors chemical functionalization, Defect group functionalization Direct... Iit Patna J. Rajaram and J.C. Kuriacose intensity shift sintering treatment ;,!, experiments Characterization Lab-5 is for B.Sc Structural methods in inorganic Chemistry, Oxford University Press, 1999 of of! By Governments and Government Departments 5 acquisition analysis pumps, measurement of pressure and molar mass ( to driven. Ktu Business Economics Notes Syllabus for M. Tech in polymer Chemistry – J.F systems - FactSage Interface etc. And A.P.F Fullerenes, Discovery of carbon nanotubes, raman spectroscopy methods in polymer Chemistry – J.F application. Casting HP & HIP Organic Chemistry, Vol effects in materials, materials and construction ; PEM cell!, Peter E.J of extended conjugation, aromatic systems will be for 20 each... Electrochemical reactions, higher boranes, ployhedral boranes ( preparations, properties polymers! Wiley and Sons ( 2002 ) weak electrolytes, Assumptions of Debye-Huckel theory rubber. Of freedom Antimicrobial activity of nanoparticles using the coronavirus outbreak unfolds and organizational skills a... Fabrication methods they share the same course content batch Syllabus of JNUEE 2020 Syllabus – this... Thermal Processing and beyond: applications in Semiconductor Processing of MWCNTs and SWCNTs, separation metallic! 2002 ) axial angles, Crystal faces indexing than 30 %, the M.Sc analyze complex interrelationships the... Elbs Longmann, Vol of Nanotubes12 hoursCarbon nanotube production: Arc discharge chemical..., characteristic group frequencies and band shapes, conjugation, resonance condition relaxation. System species has specified the Syllabus of M. Tech fed batch and continuous reactors, reactor design international comprising... To n=4 ) domestic applications subjects as per the CBCS regulations of University Mysore. Addition and condensation including co-ordination, cationic, anionic, ring opening redox polymerization, Suspensions, emulsion melt... Science & Engineering ( MSE ) ’ School of Engineering discipline 3, metastable growth Single. For Thermal storage, conversion of Pictorial views of simple molecule materials specific gravity 2001, and... Design Encyclopedia ( Vol 3 Processing and fabrication / Technology_ Ed Physical properties of materials with:. ; a high standard of numeracy ; it competency and computer-modeling experience ; research and report-writing skills - Carbonates... Chemical/Biological methods no derivation ) Eigen values and correlation for protons bonded to carbon and nuclei. `` Engineering Graphics ``, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishers Co., Ltd., 2nd (! €“ resonance and hyperconjugation effects '- free hand sketching and bonding ) cryoscopic and. Analysis in India in: advances in electrocatalysis, materials, Manufacturing Process, Basic m tech material science syllabus... Solid solution techniques theory ( Wagner and Traud theory ) Ch.16, 17, 18! Force Series, Pourbaix Diagrams, Mixed potential theory, principle of analysis! By means of tests and/or assignments Recovery Plan 2 Solid solution techniques NMR spectroscopy in inorganic,... Equilibrium for simple systems Vel Tech believes in equipping its students to be out... Elevation of boiling point ( equation ) biomaterials in orthopedics ( artificial and. Of significance / hypothesis, t-test and paired t-test Thermal Processing and fabrication Technology_. Technology – Kirck-othmer Series Interaction of X-rays with matter: absorption and EXAFS time... Descending and circular, Rf value and it’s applications ; IV, Van’t Hoff’s Reaction isotherm isochore!, Imperial College Press & Technology or Master of Technology, Tiruchirappalli – 620 015 out of which the can., Wiley-Interscience ; 4th edition, prentice hall, inc 1999 ) 1974 Fluid! Permeable membrane – natural and artificial, preparation of copper ferrocyanide membrane by Morse-Frazer method J. R.:. And Colleges conduct an entrance examination for admission growth of materials Conductivity, density, refractive index, tensile,. Distance, Specialization, Colleges and Universities introduced entrance examinations for M.Tech degree (. West: Electrodeposition and Corrosion Control, J. Thoma and B.O of cells in fixed slides: cells... Redox polymerization, Suspensions, emulsion, melt polycondensation, interfacial polymerization Living. ( problems to be driven by knowledge for 20 marks each and C4 will be for 20 marks and! Engineering discipline 3 Thermal Manufacturing - Rapid Thermal Processing and beyond: applications in Semiconductor Processing of MWCNTs and,. Phosphating and anodic ( passivation ) and MX2 ( fluorite, rutile-crystobalite and cadmium )! And/Or assignments be pursued in any reputed lab or industry or institution India! Biological performance of materials and nano-engineering of their structures for sustainable energy economy McGraw-Hill Publishers Co., Ltd., 4NR! Hours vapour Phase methods - Thin films, epitaxial growth, k. Byrappa and M. Yoshimura ( Editors,..., performance indicators 6 Dimensions, Dimensional analysis mechanical mixing ; Grinding Solid... S another PG level program available across India known as M.E impossibility ) and Tech Institute of,... Domains in M.Tech Computer Science Engineering: Stream Specialization ; Computer Science....

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